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This blog is dedicated to Dr. Swati Shiv who is a registered practitioner of alternate medicine.  She practices spiritual healing, training and therapy by using Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression therapy and Life between Life therapies. In her practice, the body, mind and soul are treated as one single entity. Healing, and happiness, is achieved by synchronizing the goals of the body, mind and soul. Her practice employs an integrative approach.

She is also a Master practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic programming, Reiki Master, practitioner of Advanced Pranik Healing and DNA 2 Theta Healing. She also uses concepts from Craneo-sacral Balancing therapy and Behaviour Analysis.

Owing to practical experimentation and experience, she has come to realize that any one method of healing does not suffice to heal all kinds of problems one encounters at the physical and emotional levels of existence. Each technique has something unique to offer, and often an integration of these may speed up the process of healing, while also making it more effective.

Through using these therapies, she helps people access their subconscious mind so that they can understand the information stored there, and interpret it in order to heal their emotional disharmonies.  This understanding helps in healing various kinds of mental and physical disorders.

She is the founder of the course called EMOTIONAL MANAGEMENT which helps people stay balanced and positive through difficulties of life. That helps in staying healthy and happy internally, irrespective of the challenges one may face externally. Overtime, life becomes smoother as people learn to direct their thoughts in alignment with their inner self needs.

For example, emotional management helps to heal problems like diabetes, depression, lack of focus, fears and phobias, asthma, earache, arthritis, weight loss, addictions, feelings of misfortune, relationship conflicts, improving work performance, career choices etc.

Dr. Swati Shiv has written three books about explaining how to balance emotions and attain happiness by grasping the soul’s perspective. These books are:

(1) In Search of Happiness: How Past Lives Affect Our Present-A Soul's Perspective

This book has been written to help people find happiness in their lives as an outcome of the effort they put in towards achieving success. Though we often get success and money if we work towards our ambitions or dreams, we do not realize happiness as easily with our efforts. Stress and discontent remain high as we strive for more material goods in the hope that they would bring in happiness, but they don’t.

We are mentally conditioned as a human race to strive for external success while grossly ignoring our soul’s needs of evolution. Happiness is positive energy and can come into our lives when we balance our soul’s needs with our external needs of success.

(2) Creation of Happiness: The Energy War: A Soul's Perspective

"Creation of Happiness: The Energy War" is about learning to harness our mind power to create happiness in life, just as we harness a horse to reach a desired direction. It has been written in alignment with the coming of the new age.

There is an ever-increasing need for human beings to rise above stress and anxiety as predominant states of mind. In spite of all our efforts to find peace, depression, diseases, and negative thinking patterns have been rising. Though we have been trying to achieve happiness, our traditional methods of achieving success have not helped much in increasing happiness within our hearts.

The Energy War explains how we can balance our soul needs with physical desires. When a technique of pursuit does not work, we have to change it. Since positivity in the world has not risen with our pursuit of technological innovations, we need to change our thinking from the core to find happiness through our methods of pursuit. The book attempts to bring spirituality into the world of logic and science. It stresses the need to reset our education systems and health systems so that they cater to the needs of the soul, while addressing the needs of the body.

The Energy War is between energies of positive life force and dark forces of negativity. Happiness is a positive energy. For happiness to come in our life, positive expectation has to overcome the negative energy we encounter in our lives. With each choice we make on how to feel, happiness, peace, and contentment have to rule over worry, gloom, fear, loneliness, or resentment.

(3) Redefining Happiness

"Redefining Happiness" approaches overcoming negative feelings through soul healing techniques. It goes beyond rationalizing out worries or wondering about why they happened, to healing problems from a direct approach on reversing our inner energy focus. The techniques help us access our subconscious mind and remove negativity from the core soul levels.

We all want to be happy as an outcome of our efforts. The struggle for success that we undertake from childhood is a struggle for happiness. We are conditioned into thinking from our childhood that if we pursue success, we would automatically get happiness.

But, adult lives prove to be different. Even if we get good jobs or good money, we rarely get the happiness we dreamt of since childhood.  We usually feel disillusioned with our success because we do not feel loved as we desire, inspite of good money or fame. We realize the disillusionment acutely in our latter youth, wherein we are already so broken that we prefer to give up hope of happiness. As old age sets in, diseases develop because the mind starts decaying with soul disillusionment. Diseases are a result of unhealthy thinking more than an unhealthy body.

"Redefining Happiness" is a book which seeks to raise people’s beliefs on happiness again by teaching how to handle negative feelings. The science of seeking happiness works on a key understanding of the Laws of the universe.

"Redefining Happiness" is a follow up of the book "Creation of Happiness: The Energy War: A Soul's Perspective" which explains the LAW OF CREATION in detail. It explains how energies multiply through focus and how we need to cut through negative energies by using deliberate mind control techniques to feel happy, as a conscious choice.

"Redefining Happiness" details several practical techniques of healing negative feelings, from a soul’s perspective. The book shows a completely new way of getting out of traumas, depressions and heart breaks. The emphasis is on healing the emotional focus of the subconscious mind so that the soul evolves to a higher level of positivity while overcoming difficulties. Healing and empowering the soul is the only way to realize happiness from within.

There are twenty four techniques of healing covered including spirit release, anger management, healing the trauma of abortion etc. The book also covers two introductory chapters which explain the concepts of the Law of Creation and Dream Interpretation.

(4) How to be Happy in Difficulties: Creation of Happiness: Purpose of the Soul

This book simplifies spirituality and meditation so that positive thinking can be practiced as a routine mental habit to feel happy like physical exercise is practiced to feel healthy. The book gives self help exercises which work each and every time like a mathematical formula does if applied correctly.

This book addresses the WHYs and HOWs of what happiness means? What is wrong with our mind conditioning which makes us choose stress, addictions and negative thinking over being free, peaceful and happy? How can we change easily without feeling crucified by performance targets? How can we make it as simple to learn to be happy to heal an unhealthy life, as we learn to exercise to slim an unhealthy body? We find the key to happiness by applying practically the Energy Resonance theory. Happiness as an energy follows the Laws of Vibration. Health and happiness in everyday life increase by using the simple practices given.

The book shows how we can overcome difficulties by aligning energy frequencies of the soul, body and mind. It is deciphered how we carry over survival instincts from our animal ancestors but animalistic success fails to make us happy because we are no longer rats who can be satisfied with cheese. External success fails to achieve purpose of the soul when accompanied with negative feelings. The series of books explains how a blind pursuit of monetary success reduces happiness while increasing stress and diseases. To find happiness, we have to learn to be happy in difficulties so that we reverse the energy circuitry which created the difficulties.

In brief, Dr. Swati Shiv is a wonderful human being and a great spiritual healer. Her spiritual blogs at and are quite inspiring and very helpful in their healing process.

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